My Teaching Philosophy

Thankfully, I have been lucky enough to build a career from my greatest passion. Golf has given me so many wonderful gifts, for example, gift of education from a full scholarship to college to play golf, fulfilling career, lifetime friends and colleagues met along the way with same goals and ambitions. It is important in the first step to motivate your students and to understand why your students want to play the game in the first place. With energy and enthusiasm, inspire young juniors to a lifetime of playing golf from college to on PGA Tour or inspire retired men to play in  Men’s Club Events where the can socialize and exercise. 

After communicating with your student on their goals, the next step is to create a plan to reaching those goals with check points along the way. When first learning the golf swing the main goal is to train their muscle memory and to have a plan. It is important for students to understand that they must first make a conscience effort to change their muscle memory and to know that it is not going to happen naturally. If something feels the same when first making a change, then they are not doing it properly. When working with juniors it is important for them to just have fun and incorporate lots of games that develop their muscle memory and teaches them the game without them knowing.

The first initial lesson is about understanding your students goals and then creating a plan together that aligns with achieving those goals. When working with beginners of any age, pre-swing set up is the first thing to learn (grip, stance and posture), then developing muscle memory for the swing with proper pre-swing fundamentals is important for beginners to learn. For more advanced players, we want to hit the ball with our big muscles (lower body). I teach a coil in the back swing in the right hip (right handed players) and also a good shoulder turn. The swing is unleashed at the top of the swing, while maintaining lag with the club, with the uncoiling of the lower body that creates powerful club head speed. Shoulders and hips at proper angle keeps the club on proper path with proper club face angles controls the flight of the ball. In every lesson we will find the solution in your swing by  creating a plan to fix the issues in the swing.