Junior Summer Golf Camps

June 24-27

July 15-18

August 5-8


  • Camps will be from ages 6-15

  • 8 am to 11 am 

  • Monday through Thursday

  • Encinitas Ranch Golf Course 

  • Discover, Learn and Play Summer Golf Camp

  • $300 per child (Space limited to provide individual attention, increased participation and better communication between juniors and coach)

  • Golf Clubs provided

What can I expect at the golf camp?

  • Skills to be mastered: Grip, aim, posture and weight transfer. Will learn pitching, chipping, putting and full swing with introductions to bunker play, reading the green and learning how to keep score.

  • Friendship: learn to play well with others through team work and sportsmanship

  • There will be some formal practice at this camp to learn general golf motor skills and then lots of games to: test/develop motor skills, build positive experiences for the game and participation with other kids. 30% Learning Skills/Practice and 70% Fun/Activities/Games

  • Games will be created to improve overall golf knowledge which teach names of items and locations on the course, recording our score and basic golf etiquette to feel comfortable to be on the golf course with family and friends in the future.

  • Goal is to provide fun, inclusive and developmental activities that is appropriate to have these experiences result in confidence and grow the desire to participate in golf and provide a foundation to learn the game of golf.

  • For those who are experienced golfers they will still be challenged and have practice sessions should still be fun and should include games and activities that measure and encourage player development. The experienced golfer will have swing analysis that will improve their motor skills and teach them how to practice and improve their overall golf skill. For example will learn practicing to improve: how many putts can you make in a row? Or how many balls can be hit in an imaginary fairway? Or games with friends like HORSE.

Have a question about the camps? Contact me for more information!