Drill to Stop Chunking the Ball

Why hit behind the Ball?

Less Chunking and More Crushing!

Learn to have better contact and hit the ball farther!

Are you hitting the big ball before you hit the little ball? This is one of the most common mis-hits for beginners who are trying to over correct topping or “whiffing” the ball. The cause of the chunk is swinging/casting the head of the club head down first at the top of their swing, losing their lag and 90 degree angle, down to the ball. When you release the lag early in your down swing it will result in two harmful outcomes. First you can “hit it fat” or “chunk it” or you release the club head before the hands causing the club head to hit the ground first before the ball. Second, not maintaining the lag causes the swing to lose power and distance by releasing the club head early instead of releasing after the ball timed up with your hips and body weight.

Cause: Releasing the “lag” or club head early before the hands.

Effect: Hitting the ground first and then losing power and distance.

The number one cause of chunking is allowing the club head to pass the hands. If impact was the finish line, then we need the club head to be the last one to to pass the finish line as shown in

Picture A. 

Picture A

Picture A

In the Picture B, if my brother Kyle maintains his 90 degree lag with his arms and keeps his left thumb up like he is hitchhiking, then the club head should slide down the red wall.

In Picture C, you see Kyle has lost his 90 degree’s with his arm and has released early causing the club head to break through the red wall instead of sliding down it.

Picture B Picture C

Picture B Picture C

The lower body guides the arms and club for proper release and lag. When the lower body starts to sway and have lateral movement; early release and chunks are a result from that. Please stay tuned for my next blog on wind-up/coiling of lower body.