How to Get More Distance in Your Golf Swing

Create More Power

Learn to hit the ball with your biggest muscles, your lower body.

HK Coiling Post.jpeg

When learning how to golf, most times we are so worried about our posture or swing path to the ball, we forget about what is the engine driving our swing. The movement of our hips from start to finish dictates what are upper body is going to do. In this lesson, we are going to learn what are hips do in the backswing and how to load are hips and release like shooting a bow and arrow or a rubber band.

The most common death move we see is lateral lower body movement also known as “swaying”. This move is harmful because you are not turning but more importantly you are not loading. In the picture above, you see a good turn and weight loaded in the hip but what I want you to notice most is the gap between the line and hips. When you see this gap you have created a coil and pivot that you can un-coil and unleash in your swing onto the golf ball.