Its all in the Hips

The real source of power and consistency in the golf swing is produced by the hips. The hips control the shoulders both on the backswing and the downswing. Constricting the hip turn will also constrict the shoulder turn. With a restricted shoulder turn, the golfer is likely to stat the downswing with the shoulders unwinding ahead of the hips. This will produce pulls or pull slices. When creating correct lower and upper body rotation we are creating SPACE.







This article teaches how to create space in the golf swing and to achieve S.P.A.C.E. in your overall golf game. The space we are discussing is from your pelvic line from the golf ball, as shown in picture A below.



When your pelvic area invades the space between you and the ball, multiple factors are occurring. For instance, posture and spine tilt is not being maintained. Instead, as shown in picture above, posture is more in a upright position causing club head to hit the top of ball instead of a centeredness of contact. Any conscious effort to try and release the clubhead with your arm or wrists is a compensation for poor body rotation. Again, the real power source in the golf swing is in the hips. The faster we move the hips in the downswing, the faster the hands and arms will work. There is no conscious use of the wrists and hands through the impact area. The hands and arms rotate in response to the body rotating. See the first image on left of Picture B. At the impact zone, Alexa’s hips have stopped turning causing her arms and wrists to flip at the ball. You also notice that her weight has not shifted and is slightly standing up, instead of maintaining the space. The right image on Picture B, Alexa is swinging the club focusing only on hips rotating through the impact zone. As a result of rotating her hips, her weight is now transferring through the ball and she is maintaining her posture and space in the impact zone.

Picture B

Picture B

Next time you go out to play, take the challenge to only swing the club focusing on your hips. Load into your hip in the back swing with your weight and then start your downswing with transferring that weight into your leading leg. Your butt should stay behind your pelvic line going away from the ball instead of getting closer. Use your hips rotation as the steering wheel driving your swing. Please comment below or contact me if you have any questions!! Remember…. Its all in the hips!